When you're ready to transition

Seek First to Understand

At Hunter Mercantile we believe that we have two clients in the search process:  The company we are recruiting for and you, the candidate.  Because your career is a unique and personal journey we take the time to explore not only your past employment experiences and achievements, but also your future aspirations, so that we thoroughly understand your career goals.

Communication and Confidentiality

We believe that the best candidate is an informed one, which is why we will provide you with all the relevant facts and information about opportunities for which we have been engaged.

As our candidate you can expect prompt, effective communication from us throughout the interview process and you are invited to contact us at any time.  Your contact with us will always remain a private matter until you are ready to make your move.

Your candidate experience with Hunter Mercantile is very important to us – you trust us with your career and we take that very seriously.

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